Quick Facts

We Are...
an ingredients company
over 25 years strong
one of the largest

What we do...
warehouse & distribute
manage supply
facilitate manufacturing

How we do it...
company owned trucks
company warehouses
superior customer service
knowledgeable personnel

anywhere in the Continental United States

You Have Arrived
Welcome to Atlantic Sweetner Company, your complete source for food ingredients. We have been serving the food industry's most reputable companies for over 25 years and distribute, broker, and/or manufacture close to 750 products. Please take time to learn about how Atlantic Sweetner can help your business grow in today's challenging economy. Contact us today for more information or current pricing.

Sell Your Products
We are always looking for new items to offer our customers. Providing new products to
our buyers helps to keep us on the cutting edge of service and aids in our commitment
to total customer satisfaction.

If you have a food product or ingredient, we can help in your effort to increase sales.
With our knowledgeable, professional sales force, and the trust of our customers, we
can give your products exposure to many of the world's strongest food, beverage
and pharmaceutical companies. Contact us for details.